About Us


Stephnie Edwards — designer, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and single mom — was committed to giving her daughter, Gerena, the best possible upbringing, including a private education. So she seized upon every opportunity to apply her talents to generate income. Direct selling was one such adventure, and it triggered the birth of her own company. Standing at a trade show booth, pitching a famous MLM  brand, she was confronted by a friendly mentor who said: “Next year, I want to see you here with your own product.” Stephnie thought long and hard about that challenge. Then one day, her glasses chain broke. Dismayed by the quality of what she found in the stores, she decided to make her own. She realized the beautiful chain she’d created could also serve as a necklace. She asked herself: “Why not other jewelry—earrings, brooches, or even shoe clips? And why not use direct selling to market them?”  So the Stephnie Edwards company came into being with its vision to help women everywhere, feel wonderful about themselves.

Mission Statement

The mission of Stephnie Edwards is to celebrate, delight and empower women with stylish and original jewelry.  We seek to brighten every life we touch with beauty, wisdom and encouragement. The jewelry we create connects women with themselves and others, through timeless elegance and graceful simplicity. Our products are crafted with exceptional quality and attention to detail, ensuring they will be enjoyed from generation to generation. As a business, we’re an ever-growing family of entrepreneurs who always seek to lift each other up and give back to the community. We welcome women of all ages and backgrounds to share our joyful mission, and to embrace our values of generosity, positivity, creativity and service.